Wood Fencing

Cedar is the top of the line in wood fencing. Its reddish brown color gives it a warm, rugged appearance. The physical characteristics of cedar make it an ideal choice for a privacy fence.

Cedar has very little tendency to warp, weathers extremely well, and has natural resistance to insects and decay. Although initially higher in cost than lower priced whitewood fencing, a cedar fence will last up to twice as long and require less maintenance therefore making it a better overall value.

There is a vast array of options available to increase the overall appearance and longevity of your new cedar fence.

Upgrading to steel posts eliminates the need to replace posts that decay at ground level due to moisture or abuse from line trimmers.

Adding an oil based stain/sealant not only protects the wood and the fence but it enhances the overall appearance of the fence as well.

We custom design-build all styles of cedar fences using locally milled cedar.